Friday, January 22, 2010

Best of Luck

She’s acting fearless again.

Withholding her drab secret,

two cigarettes burning at once.

Her eyes seem tired and distant

without her usual battered grin.

As if she'd been struck too often

by ambiguous verbal jabs.

Holding on to confidence that’s

slipping from her mind like

marbles falling through the broken

corner of a sopping paper sack.

She’s restored when she’s alone.

She settles into partial comfort

and compares the risk of loving

with memories of consequence.

When I come by to see her,

I taste sugar on her tongue.

I feel the space that she’s allowed

for my unspoken misconceptions.

She’s not as fragile as she looks.

And because her heart creates

the now belonging that I seek,

I find I miss her.

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